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Metropolitan 14

Metropolitan 14

As promised, I have been able to get more screening passes for upcoming movies in Austin.


My Week With Marilyn.  I went to the screening for this movie on November 15 at the Barton Springs AMC Theater.  This story is based on the events in the lives of Marilyn Monroe, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Colin Clark during filming of “The Prince and the Show Girl.”  Michelle Williams captures Marilyn’s essence and personality in her performance.

I enjoyed watching this movie as it gives a unique perspective on Marilyn’s life as seen through a young filmmaker’s eyes.  While it was clear that Marilyn captured the attention of her adoring fans through historical footage and media, this movie renews a fascination with Marilyn.  From her shyness and innocence to her willingness to show off her dynamic personality to her fans, the film portrays Marilyn’s afflictions as well.


Hugo.  November 21 at Regal Metropolitan Stadium 14. Just five minutes from where I’m staying now, I arrived early enough to get in the line. Unlike the last time I was here, the link was outside and wrapped around the north end of the building. It was moving by the time I got there so I watched for the end of the line coming up as I approached. Once inside, the line was wrapped around to the north side to wait until the south side was checked in and moved on into the house. Then I noticed my former roommate just a few people in front of me.

Hugo clearly fits with the Steampunk genre which I am coming to realize fits with all the cool science fiction material I’ve loved all my life. I definitely recommend Hugo to anyone who is fascinated with Steampunk.

The mechanical clocks at the train station, the trains, and the automatan all meet the criteria. Set in France some years after the Great War, the story explores early movie history as Hugo’s search for a key takes him on an adventure, meeting new and unexpected friends along the way. Taught the art of clockmaking by his father, Hugo learns to maintain the clocks at the depot in Paris from his uncle. An orphan, his is always at risk at being discovered and sent away from the tasks he maintains daily.

George Clooney’s The Descendants.  November 22 at Regal Metropolitan Stadium 14. The passes for this screening went very quickly and I just happened to grab mine the day after I have printed the passes for Hugo and My Week with Marilyn. This time one of my housemates was able to come with me to the screening. As we approached the theater, I dropped her off so she could grab us a spot in line. It was a good thing too as this time, we were in the group of “VIPs” who got to sit in the unfilled press seats. Only four people behind us made the cut and everyone else was out of luck for this screening. Ushers gathered and scanned the passes for those who didn’t make the cut so they’d be considered for special invitations to future Gofobo screenings.

George Clooney’s role in The Descendants was quite different than many of his previous characters, taking on a more serious note. He does address the strange twists and turns that unravel during his wife’s illness with his odd sense of humor. There is an air of sadness as he ponders his pending decision regarding his family’s vast estate while walking past a wall of family portraits.

With so many of the remakes of older movies these days, I appreciate the story lines of these three movies in that they are all mostly of new material, even if partially based on historic events. I look forward to more screenings in the future, whether new material or recycled.


December Addendum

The Artist.  One last pair of screening passes came available the week before Christmas, so I called a friend and we hurried off to Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills to see this movie.  The synopsis stated that this movie is black and white and mostly without sound in the style of the old silent movies.  Actor Jean Dujardin portrays George Valentin as a silent screen actor who meets newcomer Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo).  After creating a movie together, Peppy’s career takes off with the popularity of the new talkies.  George’s pride and stubbornness takes him down a different path, but Peppy continues look out for him in her own way.

The movie switches from black and white to sepia in certain scenes and hints of sound show up at key points in the story.  George’s despair over losing his career causes him to take some drastic measures.  Peppy’s dynamic personality and talents which launched her career come into play again as she reaches out to George to join her in making another movie.  Throughout the movie, all the speech text appears in the same Art Deco style font as the title, leading credits, and trailing credits.

Nominated for several Golden Globe awards, this is definitely a must-see for the avid movie buff who enjoys old movies.  You won’t want to look away from the screen in case you miss important character and story developments.  The Artist invokes a range of emotions from humor to sadness, and it left me wanting to see more.  The story closes on a movie-making scene that is satisfying, yet leaves the story open for further development.


Other Movies

While there were a number of other movies I wanted to see before the end of the year, I was unable to obtain many screening passes since my October signup on  Many of these will be on my future must-see list, however I did manage to see one movie with one of my housemates during our Veteran’s Day feast.

Puss in Boots.  More than just a retelling of the children’s tale, this rendering of the story of Puss provides additional details and more character development.  Before meeting up with Shrek, Puss becomes famous through his wild adventures since he was a kitten with Humpty Dumpty, Kitty Softpaws, and other characters of his home town.

Since Puss was one of my favorite characters in the Shrek movies, this was a must see for me before my housemate offered the suggestion to see it at Tinseltown near the house.  She had won a gift card from a raffle drawing the previous night at the Green Doors Veterans Benefit dinner (Marine Corps Birthday).  On Veteran’s Day, I had participated in the Austin Veterans Day Parade before we started our feast at Texas Roadhouse.  She got reservations and we waited about an hour before we were seated.  Following our meal, we decided to see the movie, then eat a second meal compliments of Olive Garden.  My other housemate and I went to the Golden Corral for another complimentary meal.

Puss in Boots definitely makes the cut of movies I want to own and watch again in the future.  My Late Summer Screenings were as a guest to my former roommate, however I look forward to taking guests to screenings as I look for available passes to new movies.

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