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Posted by on February 9, 2012

It’s a New Year and there are new opportunities cropping up – a new job, a chance for benefits, and opportunities to take care of the details that have been nagging at me since I arrived in Texas. I had intended to post this entry last month, however my search for employment took up a sizable chunk of my time.

Christmas Horn

Christmas Horn Needlepoint


In December, my best friend passed through Austin for a brief visit, offering a ride to La Porte, Texas and back.  Happy for an opportunity to catch up on things, I took my friend up on the offer.  Originally scheduled for a day trip, timing turned it into an overnight stay in La Porte.  It was all good and we caught up on each others game news and personal life events.  In the process my friend spotted a couple games I had on my mobile phone and later downloaded them for personal enjoyment.

It was a quiet Christmas at the house with a few calls to family and friends with the free calling cards given by the case managers for holiday gifts.  Thanksgiving had been quite noisy at a friend’s place, but it was still good.  The food was excellent there.  Other than the local routine trips, December and January were relatively uneventful in the travel area. The one friend I had screened a movie with in December has disappeared off the radar, so I hope all is well with my friend.

Gingerbread Man

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By the second week in January, I had three interviews and two job offers.  Since I would not be receiving any UI benefits due to a slight shortfall in wages from my previous job, it was imperative I take a job very soon.   I opted for the most stable job of the two, knowing that the other job might make up the shortfall yet end with a less than favorable outcome which could disqualify me from receiving the UI benefits.  In the long term, the more stable job will net more and aid in financial recovery.  Even better, the jobsite was within 10 miles of the house where I’m living and there is very little traffic along most of the shortest route to and from work.  Time of day makes a huge difference as well, with my work schedule being nights.  I’m heading to work while everyone else is headed home and vice versa.  It’s been a month since I started and I’ve seen one paycheck so far, which gave me a great opportunity to get some necessities I’ve needed for so long.


With a great launch to the year, it would seem that the Dragon favors this Tiger in 2012.  I am looking forward to the how it unfolds.  Events that were on the horizon a year ago are already more feasible now.

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