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Posted by on November 18, 2013

Last month I discovered my server had been down since September 17 and it’s taken me almost another month to get my websites to show back up on the web. The hard drive crashed (again) and all the backups were from the previous crash over a year ago. So all my posts for this year have been lost. In the meantime, the old IPs have been pointed elsewhere and the server has new IPs and it has become a propagation nightmare ever since.

I also found two of my domains pointed to incorrect nameservers (a change I did not make nor did I authorize) at my registrar. The latest domain was pointed correctly but I had not had a signal long enough to add it to the server until today. I added yet another new domain and both will be reserved for databases which will be associated with mobile apps. Yes I will be digging into mobile application development soon, despite my reluctance to do so in the past. The first task is to create the databases which will be used by the applications and mobile friendly webpages to access the databases. I already have a couple fully mobile friendly websites, fully tested on both my phone and my tablet.

Now to explain the MIA 2013 posts and pages from my blog. While I was sure that I’d made a backup of these posts when I updated WordPress back in March, but I have yet to locate the backup. All the link files are gone, but I have other plans and had already retrieved all of the link pages I’d previously posted for a new database. Now I’m off to continue my search for the MIA backup.

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