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The Dogz in Houston

Sunday, October 9th, 2011
The Dogz Houston

The Dogz Houston

On my last night in Houston, I was invited to see The Dogz at My Bar on July 10, 2011.  There was no cover charge and the band was already playing on arrival.  We found a seat near the dance floor to the right of the stage.


FredMarshall and MikeTinsley

Fred Marshall and MikeTinsley


One thing I didn’t expect was the smoky atmosphere. A previous experience at the Concert Pub was sitting on the patio outside where smoking was allowed, while inside there was no smoking.  Unlike Washington and Oregon, Texas doesn’t have a smoking ban in all public establishments including bars at this time.


I did manage to sit in a location where the smoke was not too bothersome.  I also noticed that those who smoked were very courteous toward other guests concerning their habit.  As a non-smoker who is allergic to at least one ingredient added to cigarettes, I normally attempt to stand upwind of any of my friends who do smoke, however I will never impose my personal views on them regarding smoking.  I will always support those who decide for themselves to quit and are in the process of breaking the habit.

Ruben Martinez

Ruben Martinez

Realizing I would not be too bothered by the atmosphere, I settled in to listen to the music.  I noticed very early that the Dogz played a variety of popular songs and that they sounded good.  While I have not experienced many metal bands, I held out my own personal reservations for later and just listened.  About halfway through the evening, I decided to start taking photos to document the event.

Don LaFon

Don LaFon


When the band took breaks between sets, I met Ruben, Don, and Fred and some of the significant others.  During the sets, Fred introduced band members or asked the audience to lift a drink with him.   Nearly every song was accompanied by a few taps on the smoke machine pedal by Fred at the beginning of the song.


As the night wore on, the few female dancers who came onto the dance floor got sillier and sillier.  It was funny to watch them dance, particularly with each other.  One of them wanted to dance holding hands with another and the other wasn’t quite sure what to do with that.  The drunker they got, the more hilarious it became.  One of them talked with me in one of the breaks.  She’d been throwing darts when she wasn’t socializing or dancing.



Guest singer Monty

Later Fred asked Monty to join the band from the audience to sing a song.  Monty reluctantly took the stage and sang “A Whole lotta Woman” for the ladies, and a few more joined the dance floor while he sang. Then before the last break, Victim Guitarist Todd D Bishop joined for a song.  Victim and The Dogz share a lot of the same fans and followers.

The Dogz with Todd D Bishop

Guitarist Todd D Bishop of Victim joins for a song


By the last break, it was time to either return to packing or call it a night to finish in the morning, so we said our goodbyes to the band members and headed back to the trailer. We talked with Ruben outside about connecting at a concert in Austin when he’s up there for a concert.




Just as the posts on The Dogz Houston Facebook page say, The Dogz Rock.  I would go see them again any chance I get, and I look forward to seeing them in concert with Victim.  Or even seeing Victim in concert.

Thanks to Ruben for keeping me updated on concert dates.