Refiner’s Hobbies

I have been a long-time model horse collector and hobbyist. When asked about my collection, I fondly refer to the 1/2″ to 12″ scale models as “apartment-sized horses” which require no feeding or mucking up after. However, they do require occasional grooming to remove dust that tends to accumulate from standing around on shelves all day long.

Model horses are said to be quite content to play with their stablemates when their owner is away and have been known to have bolted from their shelves during periods when the earth shakes. They are also said to become giddy at the opportunity to travel to a local show to compete against others in their own class for ribbons and trophies. Model horses don’t even mind getting all tacked up for photo opportunities because it might bring home a few ribbons from a distant judge.

Aside from model horses, I can be found developing websites, creating tack, flying kites, or researching any number of interesting topics. A collection of these topics may be found at

Last modified on June 2, 2011

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