Asian Restaurants in Texas

Other than the brief few weeks where I was treated to catering by a Thai Houstonian restaurant owner while working at HostGator, my Asian food experiences have been somewhat limited.  Last I knew the caterer was going to open a restaurant in Austin as well, but have not seen anything of it yet.  His variety of Asian, American, and Mexican dishes is quite interesting.

I have had a number of recommendations from friends of other Asian restaurants in the area which I plan to check out while in the area.  On an additional note, I found the Asian Marketplace on North Lamar to be more than adequately stocked with Asian cooking ingredients, including my favored Yamasa Soy Sauce in the larger bottle from which I may refill my condiment decanter.  This big bottle is completely MIA from all other grocery stores that I’ve visited in areas around Houston, Tomball, and Austin.

China Hill

While this restaurant is quite small and tends toward delivery over the dining experience, I chose to visit the restaurant on William Cannon Drive before ordering delivery.  The variety of choices available on the menu is comparable to some of the much larger dine-in restaurants I’ve experienced.  The Sweet and Sour Pork, Fried Rice, Egg Roll, and BBQ Sliced Pork met with my approval.  Later my housemate (who does not eat pork) offered to share a movie with me if I shared my leftovers.  I offered to order her anything from the menu on delivery.  She placed her order and I greeted the delivery person at the door with payment.  We enjoyed Star Trek while she savored her Chinese meal.  Fortunately China Hill is situated midway between home and work, and their delivery range includes both the places where I work and live.

Panda Express

My first Texas experience with Panda Express was in Tomball.  My attempt to communicate with the drive through person ended with me just pulling into a parking spot and going in to select the food I wanted.  I’ve also visited the Panda Express in the Tech Center Ridge / Three Points area.  Both have decent food and it is very comparable to the food from the Panda Express back home in Salmon Creek, Washington (Vancouver).  There are a few locations in South Austin for me to try when I have the opportunity.

Last modified on February 29, 2012

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