Italian Restaurants in Texas

When creating this category, I considered adding pizza but chose to make that a separate category as there are many varieties of pizza to consider and most are less Italian than American.  Instead this will be reserved for the fine Italian restaurants where food is served in courses.

Carino’s Italian Grill

My best friend told me to treat myself to a meal out when I got my first paycheck.  I pushed the idea aside, but when Monday after payday came and I needed to get something to eat, I found myself at Slaughter Lane and driving past the Southpark Meadows restaurants.  The next thing I knew I was facing Carino’s and quite hungry.  Rather than venture farther, I stopped and went in.  The soup of the day was delicious although a bit spicy, and the bread melted in my mouth.  In fact I had eaten most of the bread before my waitress delivered my soup.  The Bowtie Pasta was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed my second helping at work.

Olive Garden

I visited the location with one of my housemates on Veteran’s Day in the evening after we’d watched Puss N Boots at Tinseltown.  Few veterans knew about the free meals available as the dining guests were mostly non veterans and the wait time was fairly short.  Something tells me that the word about Olive Garden’s veteran’s day special will spread and far more veterans will be showing up on Veteran’s Day 2012.  The food was excellent and I enjoyed the ambience while we savored our meal.  It was a pleasingly slow pace compared to our previous experience that day.  This is one of those “must returns” on Veteran’s Day.

Last modified on February 29, 2012

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