Mexican Food in Texas

This could more aptly be called something like “TexMex” or something along those lines, however I plan to eventually cover the Americanized versions as well as authentic Mexican food here.  For now, this is the extent of my tasting in Texas.


The location of my first experience with Chipotle was between Houston and Tomball.  Again, my former roommate was appalled that I had not at least tried this one, but I assured my friend that there were none of these that I know of in the Northwest.  While the quality of the big burrito was good and it reminded me of the short-lived Atomic Burrito in my home town.  You selected the items you wanted on your 1- or 2-pound burrito and they built it in front of you.  The big exception here is that half the content is nearly always rice.  Okay, I can do with half (or less) rice, but make sure I have hot sauce and plenty of napkins!  Next trip will be double meat, half rice… and it will be at a local Austin restaurant.  It took me two sittings to eat all of my super burrito.


This was a meal provided by my former employer on a once-weekly basis at the Austin work site.  Similar to the Chipotle burritos, those from Freebirds were more satisfying to me.  Somewhat smaller, I could eat an entire burrito in one sitting.  Also Freebirds provided a balance of meat to rice that was more suitable to my tastes.  Due to these employer-provided meals, I plan to drop in on one of the local restaurants or the location in Killeen the next time I visit the area.

Taco Bell

I did frequent a couple Taco Bell restaurants in the Houston area, one near HostGator’s main office and the other closer to Tomball and Cypress.  Both were decent as far as the franchise goes, with the location near HostGator having a slight edge in quality.  I did find a very good location in South Austin that will have me visiting it again – William Cannon near 1st Street.  It was a better experience than my previous experience at The Taco Bell on Oltorf near Congress Avenue.  While I do know I’ll be returning to the William Cannon location again, the only thing that would have me returning much more frequently would be more plush Gidgets to add to my collection.

Taco Cabana

A friend treated me to the Riverside location of Taco Cabana.  The restaurant reminded me a little of the original Taco Time restaurant back home, which has since been remodeled.  I enjoyed my meal, however I had not scheduled another visit due to finances, and more recently due to the location.  I have since found other franchise locations closer to areas I frequent more regularly, although this particular location is near a particularly large H-E-B which is noted for having some items not in most H-E-B stores.  I may yet find myself returning to the Riverside Taco Cabana when I’m in the area.

Last modified on February 29, 2012

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