Other Eateries in Texas

This page will include anything that doesn’t fit neatly into other categories I have created thus far.



An option from the free Veteran’s day selections which my housemates and I passed on, one of my housemates later treated me to a meal at the Chili’s on Stassney.  Again, this was my first ever experience after seeing so many televised ads back home and in Texas.  And again, it was memorable and I will return for another meal sometime in the future.

Golden Corral

Two locations in Austin – one near Tech Ridge and one in Sunset Valley.  I’ve eaten at both in the very short time I’ve been in Austin.  While I am not a big buffet person due to the fact that I feel that I am not getting the value of the buffet with the smaller portion which I am able to eat, the vast variety at Golden Corral gives everyone in the family something they can eat.  My former roommate treated me to the Tech Ridge location on Parmer Lane, but one of my housemates and I went to Sunset Valley for the Veteran’s Day meal (Monday following Veteran’s Day).  The food was good at both locations, however if I were to select a preferred location, I’d take Tech Ridge.  The restaurant is larger and the selection of food broader, inclusive of a variety of Asian dishes as well as traditional American foods.  I recommend this for the person who gets the most out of a buffet, however I may reserve my personal trips to the Veteran’s Day special (unless someone offers it as a treat).

Steak N Shake

My first experience here was back in June when apartment hunting with my former roommate.  It was recommended by one of the apartment managers in South Austin and I drove us to Slaughter Lane to appease my roommate’s desire to treat me to one of the famous shakes and a steakburger.  Following a recent inspection of the house, I was treating a housemate to a meal.  She was not sure what she wanted to eat and we found ourselves at Southpark Meadows near Steak N Shake.  She’d never eaten there before so I shared the experience with her.  It was even better than my first experience and when the waiter finally delivered our Chocolate-covered Strawberry shakes, her eyes nearly popped out of her head – “WOW”!  Halfway through the shakes, we opted for to-go cups then went home to rest.  The traditional 50′s diner styling and the shake glasses fit with this restaurant’s heritage.  I’ll definitely be back for more ice cream “therapy.”


It has been several years since a poor experience at a once favored Subway franchise back home.  The experience was enough to turn me off Subway completely for over a decade, and I loved eating Subway’s sandwiches.  I finally allowed myself to try one from the Tomball location.  The menu variety has changed dramatically since my last sandwich – there has been an addition of new breads and different meat combinations.  I felt a bit overwhelmed from the variety in the menu and the short time my former roommate allowed me for deciding.  I hastily opted for a variation on my roommate’s choice.  Perhaps when I have time to myself to try one of the many locations in South Austin, I will drop in to try a 6″ sandwich.


I would make this a separate page as pizza falls into a different category for me – delivery, take out, or  dine in.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a truly satisfying pizza in Texas.  Although there are many average pizzas that have come my way, not one of the pizzas I’ve had in Texas stands out above the others.  I need time and more pizzas before I can give a proper review of Pizza in Texas.  Then at such time, I will provide a full page on pizza.


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