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Texas BBQ and Much More

Around every turn on my trip to Killeen, there was a road sign announcing a nearby location of a Texas BBQ Roadhouse.  Drive past one and the unique BBQ smell greeted me.  Too bad my former roommate is not into BBQ because the first Texas BBQ I experienced was in Houston.  I know my Dad would be in BBQ heaven if he came for a visit.  Each restaurant has their own unique twist on BBQ, and in Texas tradition it is served dry with the sauce as a dipping condiment on the side.  I plan to include types of steakhouse eateries other than Texan in this page as well.

Artz Rib House

Topping my list of recent meals is Artz, which was brought to my attention by a local Veteran and  VA Volunteer Coordinator when Art offered to honor local veterans on Tuesdays with 50% off meals.  The rich BBQ aroma greeted me as I approached the building, and much like Pavlov’s dogs I was quite ready for the meal before I ever placed my order.  I tried the Half Rack and found the portion size to be more than adequate for my standard “two-meals.”  When I first touched the meat with the fork, it was so tender that it was falling off the bone.  I savored every bite of the delicious beef ribs.

I recommend this restaurant to all Veterans, and bring family members and friends to help thank Art for honoring our service.  This offer is valid only on Tuesdays from 5-7 pm, it does not include the Full Rack, desserts, or drinks.  Definitely a two thumbs up from me.  I’ll be back to try the pork ribs.

Texas Roadhouse

Clearly a top choice among local Veterans for a free meal on Veteran’s Day, dining guests lined up outside Texas Roadhouse in the Southpark Meadows area to wait.  The Veteran’s menu was limited to half a dozen select entrees.  I selected the steak as it was the only source of red meat among the choices.  My steak was juicy and tender.  This is definitely on the list for Veteran’s Day 2012.


This was one of those highly advertised restaurants which was at least an hour’s drive away from where I lived in Washington.  When I was offered a chance to go out to dinner with a friend, I asked if this would be okay since I had never been to an Outback restaurant before.  I selected the location near Great Hills Trail and the Aboretum as it was close to where I was living at the time, thus requiring less travel time or doubling back.  The Blooming Onion was one of the sweetest onions I’ve tasted since arriving in Texas.  I ordered a combination which included some of the famous baby back ribs I’d heard so much about.

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