Texas Burgers


A franchise unknown to Washington State, Whataburger is big in Texas.  It seems to shine here where McDonald’s does not.  There are two particular locations I have visited which stand out for overall restaurant cleanliness, friendly service, and good food.  In South Austin, the location at Slaughter Lane and I-35 shines above the others I have seen so far.  And in Killeen, the Whataburger on Ft Hood Street near Kmart excels.  While in Killeen, I learned a little piece of the Whataburger history from the photos displayed on the dining room walls.  The photo of first Whataburger reminded me of the little burger places near where I grew up.  Based on the photos, I would like to visit Whataburger on the Bay in Corpus Cristi someday.


I have to admit that I have only visited a few Wendy’s locations in Austin.  So far, the one Wendy’s I’ve visited that stands out for store cleanliness, service and good food is the location at 71 E Ben White and Montopolis.  While ease of access and egress may be a bit limited, the parking lot gives lots of room to maneuver.  To date, my favorite item on the menu is the Wildberry Frosty Shake.  I wonder what that would be like with the original chocolate Frosty; it was certainly delicious with the vanilla.


My experiences with Sonic began in December when a housemate treated me to a quick meal one afternoon.  Although I have seen many locations in the Texas cities I’ve visited, I have only visited the one at Nuckols Crossing and Stassney.  I was impressed enough to return a few times since that first trip, and one menu item finds it way home with me every time – the Berry Lemonade Slush.  I’ve had the Tots plain, with Cheese, and with Chili Cheese.  This seems to be one of the trademark menu items for Sonic, and I have an admitted weakness for tator tots over fries.

Carl’s Jr

Another restaurant I’d seen numerous television ads for and had not had the opportunity to try was Carl’s Jr.  My former roommate asked me about this when we first came to Austin, then offered to treat me to a meal at the Carl’s Jr on Bee Cave Road near Westlake Hills.  The location is clean and service was good.  Without comparison to other Carl’s locations, I can only say that the food at this location was very satisfying and definitely worth a return trip.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

My experience at the Cypress location near Spring-Cypress Road & US 290 was very interesting. Again, my former roommate was surprised that I’d never eaten at yet another restaurant.  Asking me whether Washington State even had restaurants whenever I said I had not been to a particular chain, I reminded my friend that lack of funds and nearby locations made it nearly impossible to try new places.  Although this particular chain has not found it’s way to the Northwest, many other restaurants offered up for suggestion were only as Close as Portland, Oregon, some 50+ miles from where I lived.  I enjoyed my experience at the restaurant in Cypress.   There are 3 locations in Austin, so I will plan to visit at least one of these in the near future.

McDonald’s & Jack In The Box

Since I arrived in Texas, the McDonald’s here have not met with the high standards I was accustomed to back home.  One near Tomball did see me stop for an occasional berry lemonade on the way to work in Houston, but none of the franchises I’ve visited in Austin thus far have stood out.  When I find one that catches my interest, I will definitely make mention of it.  On the same note, I have not found any particular Jack In The Box location that stands out either.  Although, I have eaten at a few different locations in both the Houston and Austin areas.


Last modified on February 29, 2012

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