Texas Chicken

I have not been a really big fan of chicken due to some past experiences, however I do enjoy it from time to time.  My reviews here will be limited to the restaurants I have had the occasion to try and I will update with new information as I taste my way through Texas.


While this chain can be found in Washington and Oregon, there was no local franchise near my residence there.  Even then, I found the cow ads ironically funny.  I finally had the opportunity to visit this restaurant at a Northwest Houston location not far from Tomball.  Since then I have visited two locations in Austin, both of which I have found to be noteworthy.

The first location is at Tech Center Ridge/Parmer Lane, which I visited with my former roommate a couple times.  Although I was not feeling well after my second visit, it was due to triple digit temperatures on a full stomach and had nothing to do with food quality.  I am very susceptible to heat exhaustion.   This restaurant is always clean, with good food and excellent service.

My personal favorite is the one at Great Hills Trail / Braker Lane and US 183.  When my best friend stopped in Austin the first time, I chose this location for our dinner.  We talked til the manager asked us how long we were planning to stick around.  Not realizing the time and that the store was already closed, we’d been there twenty minutes into the closing shift’s cleanup.  We apologized for sticking around so long, however the manager was very accommodating nonetheless.  For this reason I return to this location whenever I am visiting the area for other errands and need nourishment.

Church’s Chicken

While I have seen these restaurants all over the place, I have yet to set foot into one.  However, I was recently treated to Church’s fried chicken, both the spicy and original flavors.  The tasty meat was moist and tender.  Though the breading was a bit more than I prefer, it did not detract from the experience.  The coleslaw was good, and biscuits were the best I’ve had in awhile.  The wavy fries were okay, but they may have suffered from the time factor it took to get from the restaurant to the table at my friends’ apartment.  This would be something I think I’d prefer to try again at the restaurant for a better comparison.  For specific location reference, my friends stated that they visit the Church’s Chicken on Cameron Road near Capital Plaza.  It is near some of the places I like to visit, so it may become one of my stops when I am in the area.


This restaurant serves chicken strips and popcorn chicken, both of which have been good at the Nuckols Crossing & Stassney location.  The unique box allows you to place your dipping sauce in the lid for ease of carrying or holding it while eating in your car – a unique and clever idea.  More information on my trips to Sonic can be found under Texas Burgers.


Last modified on February 29, 2012

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